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My Payment Proofs
My Payments Proofs

My 3 Favorite PTC Sites Collection All The Time I Upgraded Member  I Make Daily $60-$80

Please Read :   Before 1 Year Ago I was Stander Member On ALL PTC site, And Now a days I  am Upgraded Member On All PTC sites.. Why? Because I Click all Ads Daily And I never miss a day. So Don't Ever miss a Day and Become a Gold or Upgraded Member In Free. Write your User name and password safe and don't share with some one. Don't Register Two/2 accounts on One computer or laptos with same IP Address, Otherwise your account will be blocked or suspended. it's take 10 min time on All PTC to Clicking all Ads. Best Of luck. 

Register 3 PTC Sites , Work/View 3 Days Advertisements And Get $1 Into your Payza Account. 

                       Leave your Username with PTC sites Detailed in Comments Area. Thank you 

Global Rank PTC sites Cash Via Min Payout Lunched On Register
>>>>>>>> 1 Neobux Paypal, Payza, Neteller $2 Instant 2011-07-17 Click Here
>>>>>>>> 2 Clicxsense Paypal, Paytoo , Payza $6, $8 Manual 2006-12-29 Click Here
>>>>>>>> 3 LikesPlanet Paypal, Payza, OkPay $1 Instant 2013-07-18 Click Here


  1. nice information..thanks for sharing sir, my name is rajath ..i joined all these sites as a standard memeber..i want to earn money like you..but don't know upgrading or something more plse tell me thanks...

    1. Brother you have to make direct refs as soon as possible, Or you can Invest from your pocket as far. you will Earn much money with PTC sites like me.
      And Don't Ever miss a day to viewing all Advertisements on PTC sites. you will be active

  2. Neobux - Username aremuh
    Probux - usernane jarantar
    Clixsense - username jarantar

    1. Dear Brother you are not listed in my PTC sites. Please Register Using my Referral link and View All Fixed Ads For 3 Days

  3. ClixSense Username: alimoon456
    Zapbux Username: alimoon456
    LikesPlanet Username: alimoon456

    Send me 1 $ into my Payza account:

  4. Dear Moon: As I describe " Register 3 PTC Sites Out Of Five, Work/View 3 Days Advertisements And Get $1 Into your Payza Account."
    you are only register on given PTC sites. Make sure you have to click 4 Fixed Ads Daily for three/3 Day on All PTC site.
    I'll Send you your $1.

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